Saturday, May 07, 2005

Got An 'Orb Of Chatham' Question? Let Our Experts Answer It
Unlocking The Book's Hidden Code: Help And Tips

You can't unlock the Orb of Chatham code without holding the book in your hands. This is because you must answer five cryptic questions to reveal a secret number -- the answers to the questions being hidden in the book's artwork. Some questions are easier than others, while some are difficult -- but if you study them carefully, we're confident that adults and kids will ultimately decipher the code.

The book, 'The Orb of Chatham', only scratches the surface of the story, and when you solve the code, you'll gain access into a huge website filled with odd photos, bizarre evidence and puzzling clues that will enable you to understand what really happened on that fateful night in Chatham, Massachusetts in 1935.

Thanks for reading the book, and good luck solving the mystery of 'The Orb of Chatham'.
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